Fetish performance artist & photographer Miss Meatface and dominatrix Mistress Eden tell us about their love for the Fetish lifestyle and fashion.
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"I like my outfits to scream Power! Fetish brands typically know how things need to be made so they're comfortable for a Dom work in." ~ Mistress Eden 

"For me, it's more about textures, smells, the aesthetic. I love the look of latex and the way that it sits on the body and can turn you into a superhero, or supervillain, or no one at all- like a completely blank slate, a faceless doll. 
So I was really into Fetish Pin Ups, 50s Bullet bras and big leather boots, stockings and garters. When I discovered latex, that was just like, oh my god, it's just amazing how it looks on the body and hugs every curve, good or bad. It's like a second skin." ~ Miss Meatface 

Miss Meatface. Fetish Performance Artist & Photographer
Mistress Eden. Dominatrix

Fashion illustration 
EJ Nègre. Illustrator


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