Fashion's Fetish Fornication 
Subculture natives and SORT Zine co-founders Joseph Delaney and Matt King create immersive videos exploring the Fetish underworld. From using subculture and Fetish models in their videos to filming rave scenes and style tribes, their work has been published on NOWNESS and Vogue. 
Together, they take us down a psychedelic rabbit hole and explain the concept behind their chaotic subculture video Techno Goth. They also discuss why fashion designers are constantly inspired by Fetish culture and aesthetics.
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"Before we had careers and goals, we met in a club called Trailer Trash. When I think back to that time (2008), I feel quite lucky to have been a part of it because of the love and joy. London was on fire!" 
~ Matt King 

“A lot of the time, the people on the dance floor are the fashion designers. The commercial draw then tries to take from those brilliant minds and recreate what they did. I mean, how many times have we seen people recreating what McQueen and Westwood did?

I think our work responds to us being exposed to so many different things. So the Fetish corner of those nights (alternative club events), are always in our eyeline and they bleed into what we're doing. Techno Goth was very much about the liberation that those clubs allow.” 
~ Joseph Delaney

Matt King. Stylist, Creative Director and Co-founder of SORT 
Joseph Delaney. Videographer, Creative Director and Co-founder of SORT 
Alexander McQueen AW95 
Yoox Net-A-Porter Runway Collection: Fashion Footage Archive 

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Techno Goth.  Joseph Delaney & Matt King. SORT Zine 
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