Saturnalia: Unbinding Fetish Fashion is an intimate docu-film celebrating the eclectic desires and fashions of London's Fetish community. While acknowledging fashion's history of Fetish appropriation, it spotlights Fetishists who are preserving a legacy of kink innovation and acceptance.
Led by fashion journalist Raegan Rubin, viewers ricochet into a hedonistic saturnalia where clubgoers smoulder in latex and enact BDSM impact scenes. They follow the explosion of Fetish culture in fashion from 1980s clubs to its future in digital and post-human subcultures. Viewers will hear from the subversive Goth DJ and artist Parma Ham, legendary fashion photographer Nick Knight, dominatrix Mistress Eden, fashion commentator Caryn Franklin, fashion designers Ingrid Kraftchenko and Liza Keane, iconic subculture photographer Derek Ridgers, Skin Two editor Tim Woodward, Fetish artist Miss Meatface and many more. A combination of enthralling film reels, illustration, stop motion, CGI animation and contributions from the Fetish community bring the roaring underground to life. From 1950s magazines and '80s subcultures to otherworldly catwalks and the metaverse, Saturnalia is a tale of sublime physicality, artistic survival and LGBTQ+ solidarity.
Saturnalia has been awarded Best Documentary by the UK Fashion Film Festival 2023!
Saturnalia was recently awarded the Best Student Film by Miraban and screened at the film festival. 
Watch Raegan's interview about the film with Miraban. 
Book your tickets to see Saturnalia: Unbinding Fetish Fashion and the Q&A between the film's director Raegan Rubin and leading interviewees here!

Over eight months of filming kinky people and fashion experts, Raegan gathered a collection of heartfelt opinions, stories and insights that she felt deserved more air time, and is currently developing a series of immersive episode shorts. The series will dive further into politics, S&M activism, virtual fantasy and fashion appropriation. It will discuss THAT Balenciaga campaign and investigate its dangerous- even deadly- real-world consequences. Viewers will recognize interviewees from the film, as well as meet new creative vanguards like feminist CGI artist Katie McIntyre, NCSF (National Coalition of Sexual Freedom) founder Susan Wright, subculture expert Tim Stock, and Alt trans latex model Princess Latex Rubber Doll among others. There will be more kinks, Fetish-wear and gender queering in this electrifying odyssey on sexual innovation. ​​​​​​​
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