A list of the interviewees featured in the documentary film and/or docu-series. 
A fashion and identity commentator/agent of change, Caryn Franklin MBE was a former fashion editor at i-D Magazine in the '80s and presenter of The Clothes Show where she interviewed the Fetish icon Leigh Bowery. She’s interviewed all leading design talent, including Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, Yves St Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. 
Timothy Woodward ran London's first Fetish club Skin Two in the 1980s and co-founded the iconic magazine of the same name with photographer Grace Lau.
Michelle Olley
A former features editor at Skin Two magazine, Michelle Olley is a legendary veteran of London's Fetish scene. In 1992, Olley instigated the now-famous Fetish club night the Skin Two Rubber Ball, which in the 1990s went on to become the largest and most high-profile Fetish party in the world (where Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood were in attendance). She was the finale in Alexander McQueen's celebrated S/S 01 Voss show and has also interviewed Jean Paul Gaultier, Tim Burton, Marilyn Manson, The Cramps, Marc Almond, Terence Sellers and Clive Barker among others.
Together with Stuart Vern, Angela founded the legendary Fetish brand Murray and Vern in Manchester in the '80s before storming the London Fetish scene in the mid-90s. She witnessed the rise of Fetish club culture, collaborated with and contributed to Skin Two magazine and showcased her designs at the iconic Rubber Ball in 1992.
One of London’s most influential club and street photographers, Derek Ridgers  has photographed London’s Skinheads, Punks, Ravers, Goths and Fetishists since the '70s.  
Joseph Delaney is a London-based filmmaker and co-founder of SORT Zine with stylist and creative director Matt King. The pair's connection to underground culture constantly bleeds into their creative work and produces an authentic sense of style that merges music and fashion with subculture references. SORT is a multidisciplinary studio focused on independent film with an annual print publication at its core. It's born out of London's queer club community and celebrates underground culture. 
Kat Toronto, aka "Miss Meatface ", is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. She produces eccentric performance based photographs and recently released her book 'Miss Meatface & Her Meatmaid.' Welcoming us into her home, she walked us through her Fetish lifestyle and enchanting collection of Fetish magazines and catalogues.
G. Martin is the designer behind Broke Boutique: a sustainable fashion brand selling luxury Fetish wear from reclaimed materials. 
Also known as Lizzy Lancaster, Princess Latex Rubber Doll is an Alt trans model, 'rubber doll' and latex model. Raegan caught up with Lizzy as she was getting ready to attend the Fetish Awards in October, where she was nominated for Best Latex Model. 
A British Fashion Designer, Ingrid Kraftchenko is an ex-performer for Marina Abramović and a player in London's underground techno-rave scene. Her subversive aesthetic challenges traditional tailoring and she's gained critical acclaim for her eco futurist, political avant garde designs. It was while interning at Ingrid's label that Raegan first experienced the dark beauty of Fetish fashion. The designer was interviewed in her Shoreditch studio and invited us to film her London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter show in 2022.
Petite Pretzel is a rope switch from New York. She has taught shibari at Anatomie Studio London since 2019, as well as abroad. Her commercial rigging includes music videos, art gallery installations, fashion photography and full-length film. She was joined by her boyfriend and fellow shibari enthusiast Jamie for the interview, and the pair demonstrated how shibari can bring a couple closer together.
Based in London, Parma Ham (they/them) is an artist, curator, musician, and DJ. They’re a proponent of goth, industrial and dark techno music and run their own event Wraith by programming subversive performance, music and fashion. They also publish the annual magazine Inertia which focuses on performance, ritual and nightlife. Their substantial influence and contribution to the Fetish scene has made them the go-to mouthpiece on subculture for publications like Vogue and The Guardian, and collaborator for brands like Commes des Garçons and Burberry. Raegan interviewed Ham about the Fetish scene in their home.
Sofia is a Fetish performance artist working under the name ‘Forbidden Dog’. Mischievous imagination and outrageous interaction is the driving force of all of her work. Raegan attended her dominatrix-themed life drawing class before filming and interviewing her at home for Saturnalia. 
Graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2022, Liza Keane forged her eponymous London-based eponymous brand after showcasing her widely acclaimed BEAST collection. With a strong focus on philosophy and unapologetic sexuality, Keane creates sensual second skin clothing that feels like psychological armour.
A professional & lifestyle dominatrix, Mistress Eden is currently studying to become a sex therapist. She talks to Raegan about navigating the Fetish underworld as a Black woman, partner and mother of two children.
Susan Wright represents the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom: an American sex-positive advocacy and educational organisation. She founded the NCSF in 1997 (under the auspices of the New York S&M Activists) and advocates on behalf of adults involved in alternative lifestyles. The NCSF has worked with legal and medical practices to improve how kinky people are being treated in court and therapy.
Nick Knight OBE is a British fashion photographer and founder and director of SHOWstudio. Raegan spoke to him about the ikon-1 project he spearheaded alongside the creative polymath Jazzelle (AKA @uglyworldwide). From skeletal organic forms to metallic body armour, some of the outfits in ikon-1 are particularly Fetishist and take the surrealism of the underground club scene into the future. It answers the questions: What potential does the metaverse hold for Fetish fashion, and how can we create non-objectifying Fetish imagery that's authentic, empowering and self-aware?
Teaching trend analysis and design thinking at Parsons School of Design, Tim Stock is the co-founder of foresight consultancy scenarioDNA. He is also the co-inventor of a patented methodology of Culture Mapping and enlightened us on fashion's relationship with Fetish today and in the future.
Raspberry Dream Land or RD Land is an immersive and adult-safe events and entertainment platform in the metaverse facilitating the full sensory experiences in the XR age. It's a platform for the next-generation of progressive arts and entertainment, radical self-expression, social interactions, and virtual relationships in web 3.0. Raegan spoke to founder Angelina Aleksandrovich about tackling online censorship, digital sexualities and kink culture in the metaverse.
An artist, technologist, and industrial designer, Katie McIntyre was named by TIME Magazine as “one of the world’s leading female VFX artists.” Drawing from feminist art principles, she turns Fetishism on its head by spotlighting the female body as a reckoning force in the metaverse. From a "feminist futurist” car and Zero Gravity Space Suits to Shameless Menstruation and Lactation Couture, she's collaborated with Futurist Viktoria Modesta, and created album artwork for Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Normani, Lizzo and Latto.
A Ukrainian brand inspired by eroticism, Anoeses was founded in 2018. Meaning eroticism in English, the brand's aesthetic is as sexually empowered as its name and caters to consumers with physical and digital garments.
A CGI generalist and Visual Designer, Nik Gundersen works in the fields of digital image making and animation. His digital fashion collaborations and conceptual brand campaigns veer into the Fetish underworld as he projects iconoclastic brands like Comme des Garçons, Rick Owens and Maison Margiela into the metaverse. There's dark romanticism, gothic styling, Fetish symbolism and functional minimal designs that cling to the avatar's body like a second skin.
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