The subculture artist & DJ Parma Ham talks about his journey through the Fetish & Gothic underworlds. 
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"Growing up, I was always drawn to outsiders. I think Goth came to me at the age of twelve. With school, I always felt like I didn't quite fit in, I guess I couldn't really speak to people. In fact, I was on mute for like ten years. So it was when I saw other people dressed in  a solid pillar of black amidst a sea of colour, I just instantly honed in on it, and was attracted to it. I can't really explain why. It just seemed so right. And that was at the age of twelve. Give it another ten years of  living that life, and it kind of got a bit more extreme." ~ Parma Ham 

Parma Ham. Goth, Wraith Founder, Fetish Artist & DJ 

Saturnalia City
Jáchym Bouzek. Animator 

Cover image 
Still from Bonds Of Love. Isabella Josephine Leon. Animator
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