In this clip, Miss Meatface reveals how Fetishism helped her to survive a divorce and hysterectomy.

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“Miss Meatface developed when I explored my personal Fetishes following the divorce and hysterectomy. Her persona was way more sexually charged, raw and visceral than it is now. It seemed like she was teetering on the brink of something bad happening. But she was also what pulled me out of wanting to kill myself.
Once I met and married my current partner, she shifted from this broken beaten down creature into a persona inspired by my grandmother and great aunt. They were very strong and powerful women, even though you could tell that they’d led somewhat tortured lives.” ~ Miss Meatface
Miss Meatface. Performance Artist & Fetish Photographer

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X Man 
Isabella Josephine Leon. Animator

Skin Two editorials 
Tim Woodward. Former Editor at Skin Two Magazine
Michelle Olley. Journalist & Former Features Editor at Skin Two Magazine 

Roland the Rat Goes on Holiday 
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Miss Meatface
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