Punk Life

Punks walked the streets in Fetish-wear to shock the public and signify their discontent with society. Cobbling together DIY looks from thrift and fetish stores, they partied at gay clubs like Louise's Lesbian Soho club. Their bold surrealism was cultivated and popularised by the late fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, and every weekend, Punks flooded the attention-grabbing SEX boutique she founded with Malcolm McLaren on King's road. 
This clip features the Punk fashion designer Ingrid Kraftchenko. She was a performance artist for Marina Abramović before she graduated from London College of Fashion. 
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"Well, she (Vivienne Westwood) is a fucking icon who sadly just died. And I think she's one of the only people that I have ever genuinely respected. She was a woman who fought for the rights she believed in and got a lot of shit from the industry. I feel a lot of resonance with her political voice and rejection from society." 
~ Ingrid Kraftchenko 
Ingrid Kraftchenko. Fashion Designer 

Vivienne Westwood SS94  
Yoox Net-A-Porter Runway Collection: Fashion Footage Archive 
Ingrid Kraftchenko BODYMAP '23 (THE SUN IS ASH)
Production's Own
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Bodice. Ingrid Kraftchenko. Fashion designer
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