The Dark Carnival
The legendary subculture photographer Derek Ridgers recalls over forty years of capturing Fetishists, Goths and Punks at club events.
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"You would see people wearing Fetish-wear in Punk clubs sometimes and some of the early New romantic clubs as well. And I think  before then, it was known as rain wear (i.e. The Mackintosh Society)." 
You don't need necessarily to have an expensive outfit in those clubs... you can make it yourself. There was a woman that I photographed who made an outfit from rubber gloves." ~ Derek Ridgers
Derek Ridgers. Subculture Photographer

Subculture photographs 70-90s 
(Fetish, Goth & Punk club-culture)
Derek Ridgers. Subculture photographer 

Cover image
The Dark Carnival: Portraits From The Endless Night, 2015. 
Derek Ridgers. Subculture Photographer
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