Goth, Fetish artist and DJ Parma Ham is the founder behind Wraith, a safe space for fetishists and alternative sexualities to express themselves through theatrical performances, film and fashion. Its celebration of the dark, macabre and transhuman is a reflection of Parma Ham’s own fashion style, and the articles they write on navigating identity politics and self acceptance. 
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“I've been going to clubs in London for a few years. And, you know, there are some good ones. But ultimately, I felt that something was missing. 
I knew there were so many incredible artists and creatives going to clubs, but there wasn't really a space or platform for them to show their work. Wraith is more institutional in its makeup and represents a broad spectrum of artists- so long as they follow the aesthetic.” ~ Parma Ham 

Parma Ham. Goth, Wraith Founder, Fetish Artist & DJ 

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